28-Day Keto Challenge [Keto Resource]

28-Day Keto Challenge [Keto Resource]

28-Day Keto Challenge

The Keto Resource team is starting a 28-day keto challenge during which you could easily lose 15lbs (3.75 lbs a week). It’s a comprehensive program that outlines everything you need to know and do to help you kick off ketosis.

The ketogenic diet has been gaining popularity because it just simply works!

But how do you know if it’s a good fit for you?

There is plenty of information online about the diet and you can read all about other people’s testimonials and experiences but nothing really beats trying it yourself.

Let’s take a look and see what the 28-day keto challenge by Keto Resource is all about but first let me point out some obstacle that you may face when starting the keto diet.

The Problem When Starting A Keto Diet

Starting any new diet is always a difficult thing to do. You have to find a way to discipline yourself and change some of your habits in order to succeed and get satisfying results.

Picking up a keto cookbook and trying to figure everything out on your own is the key to failure. If you have tried doing this on your own, only come up short of your dream results then it may be due to lack of guidance and discipline.

People have a hard time building new habits. Especially when you are around friends and family that make it even harder for us to focus on our overall goal. Social pressure gets the best of us when it comes to sticking to ANY diet! For most of us, it’s the number one reason why we fail to meet our diet goal.

Another problem some of us may have when starting the keto diet is the keto flu.

The keto flu are symptoms we may experience when our bodies are trying to adapt to a fat based diet. Many people who experience the keto flu find themselves giving up on the diet because they do not know how to properly transition themselves from their current diet to the keto diet.

Here are some symptoms that come with the keto flu:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Sugar cravings
  • Nausea
  • Irritability
  • Brain fog (difficulty focusing)
  • Lack of motivation
  • Muscle cramps

The keto flu is simply caused by our bodies transitioning from burning sugar to burning fat for most of its energy needs.

Switching from a high carb diet to a low carb diet lowers insulin (fat building hormone) levels in your body. Not only is this healthy but it’s also one of the primary goals of the keto diet.

When your body completely transitions from a high-carb diet to a high-fat diet you will have turned your body into a natural fat burning machine…..


Because when your body runs low on carbohydrate (sugars) it will enter a state of ketosis. Once your body reaches ketosis it will naturally start burning fat as its main fuel source instead of sugar.

If you are interested learning more about insulin and ketosis click here. 

Your 28-Day Keto Challenge Solution

Give yourself the guidance and accountability you need to succeed by participating in this new 28-day guided keto challenge. The best part about the challenge is that it gives you an attainable goal.

You are not being asked to eat Keto “forever” – just the next 28 days.

During those 28-days you could easily lose 15-20lbs. It’s not unusual to lose 3-4 lbs every week, start sleeping better and feel more energy than you have in years.

The best part about it is that you will not be doing this on your own…

To help you along with the 28-day challenge you will get an entire program plus meal plan to help keep you on track. (You will get a bunch of bonus resources too.)

This is really the perfect opportunity to restart your metabolism and start burning fat with the keto diet.

Prove to yourself that the keto diet really works!

The best part? You can download everything right into your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet so you do not have to worry about carrying 12 different books. Just download and access the portion of the program whenever you need. Getting the 28-Day Keto Challenge in digital form means you can get started right away!

If you are unsure if you that you have what it takes to complete the 28-Day Keto Challenge (you do! This program makes sure of that), There is a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee that you can take advantage of if you decide that being healthy  and in the best shape of your life isn’t for you.

Claim your 28-day keto challenge discount! (do not share this link)

What You Get

You will get 7 different guidebooks to help you get started and keep you on track to finish the challenge. Each of these books covers a different aspect of the diet.

  1. Keto Diet: This should be the first ebook you should read to when going through the challenge. It will help you build a solid foundation and explains exactly how the challenge works, what to expect and the various benefits you will enjoy. It also includes 13 tips to increase your chances of success.
  2. Eating on Keto: Gives you incredibly helpful tips and advice for maintaining your new ketogenic diet. It provides a wide variety of things to eat for each meal of the day and a guided meal plan to follow to make sure things go smoothly.
  3. Intermittent Fasting: Intermittent fasting is extremely beneficial to your overall health. The books go into great detail to help incorporate intermittent fasting safely and effectively. You will learn about 5 different intermittent fasting methods that are sure to help crush your goal.
  4. Keto & Friends: This book will help you deal with social pressure you will get from friends and family members. It includes useful charts that outline the best way to combat social pressure (like drinking alcohol and eating off-limit foods).
  5. Keto Flu: Gives you helpful information and resources to combat the keto flu and make the process more enjoyable and manageable.
  6. Macros: Learn how to properly calculate your macronutrients (carbs, proteins & fats) on a daily basis.
  7. Ketosis: A complete guide on how to completely transition into the keto diet. These tips will help your transition go a lot smoother and help you avoid many obstacles. The book even includes how to get off the keto diet the right way. Which can be tricky at times if you do not have the right information in front of you.

You will also get the following bonuses:

  • Keto Dessert
  • Keto Friendly Avocado Recipes
  • Supplement Guide

As you can see the 28-day keto challenge gives you everything you need to be successful in the challenge. Once you complete the challenge do not stop there! Keep the momentum going!

Is The 28-Day Keto Challenge Right For You?

As you can see the 28-day keto challenge gives you all the resources you need to be successful in the challenge. But will keto diet be the right approach for you to finally shed the unwanted fat from your body?

Again, every diet you are thinking of trying or have done in the past takes discipline and commitment. You can increase your chances of success when you follow a proven system with guidance to achieve your goals.

Can you commit and discipline yourself for the next 28 days?

Would you like to lose 15 lbs or more within the next 28 days?

Have you tried other diet before with little to no guidance just to fall short from your goals?

If you answered yes to all these questions then the 28-day keto challenge may be right for you.

Here are some benefits you can take advantage of while trying the 28-day challenge:

  • Weight Loss: Learn how to eat healthier so that you can finally start losing weight efficiently
  • Healthier Body: Most of us do not even realize how unhealthy we are until we start eating better. The keto diet will improve cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, reduces appetite, boost weight loss and lowers triglycerides (fat molecules in the bloodstream), reduce risk of cancer & type 2 diabetes.
  • Easy to Follow: It walks you through every step of the process to make sure your transition goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Great Value: The best thing about this product is that it offers a lot of great material for a very small amount of money. It truly gives you the most bang for your buck!

The 28-day keto challenge is the perfect option for anyone who is ready to challenge themselves to become healthier and fitter. Whether you want to lose weight, challenge yourself or improve your eating habits, this program has a lot to offer. A lot of people these days are adopting the ketogenic diet because of how beneficial it is as a whole.

Do not take everyone’s word for it try it out yourself.

The Verdict

The 28-Day Keto Challenge is a proven way to lose weight the healthy way by following a comprehensive program that teaches you the steps to keto while guiding you through the hardest parts of making the transition.

By the end of the 28 days, you will have everything you need to succeed on your own. With the addition of the keto diet being more of a habit than an effort. Add the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee you get with the 28-Day Keto Challenge and you really have nothing to lose.

Claim your 28-day keto challenge discount

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  1. I’ve been eating a Keto lifestyle for over 5 years now. I will never going back to eating processed crap again. I lost 50 pounds and have kept it off. I highly recommend the keto diet for anyone who wants to take charge of their health. I think if someone is on the fence and just want to try it out, the 28 day keto challenge is probably a great place to start! 

  2. Hey there,

    This is an informative and useful article I must say. I have heard about the keto challenge and diet plan before but the concept was never so clear to me than it is now. To be honest I love to eat a lot and that’s the reason why I am so fat. I tried to maintain diet with regular exercises to cut out the extra fat but after some days I feel so exhausted following those diets. Moreover that even doesn’t work the way of expections. But after reading your article I have come to know a lot of things about keto challenge. I hink it will be so useful for me and the best part is that I do not have to do it for all life instead of that I have to just maintain that for 28 days. I will surely try this keto challenge.

    Thank you for writing this helpful article.

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