How To Stay Motivated & Focused To Achieve Any Goal

How To Stay Motivated & Focused To Achieve Any Goal

How To Stay Motivated & Focused To Achieve Any Goal

We have all been there. You set a goal out to achieve and after about the second week or within the first month you find yourself slacking off. This happens a lot when we try to reach for new heights.

Maybe you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, wake up earlier or learn a new skill set to reach a bigger level of income. We all feel motivated and hyped at first, we have a strong desire to achieve the final outcome and feel like nothing is going to stop us from fulfilling it.

But then life hits you and you do not feel the desire you had the first or second week. Maybe you are too tired from work, the kids are keeping you busy or just simply coming up with EXCUSES to keep you from reaching your desired goal.

Let’s talk about how to stay motivated to achieve any goal.

1. Write Down Your Goal

A lot of people overlook the fact that writing down your goals will help you achieve them. Regardless if you have daily goals, weekly goals or monthly goals.

Writing them down on your planner, calendar, or even a sticky note where you are constantly looking at what you are supposed to accomplish for the day will increase your chances of staying focus on your goal.

2. Set A Time & Date When You Should Have Achieved Your Goal

Writing down your goal is one thing but setting a time and date by when you should have reached your goal is just as important. These two go hand in hand.

What good is setting a goal and writing it down if you do not have a set time and date by when it should be completed. Without setting a time or date for your goal you will find yourself getting off track because you’re setting a goal but have no clue when you should be completing that goal.

Which sound better to help set the desired goal and achieve it?

“I’m going to lose 12lbs”


“I’m going to lose 12lbs by July 15th”

Setting a time or date for your goal is important because it gives you a deadline on when you should have accomplished it.

Doing this will help you have a better mental image of how and when you will finish.

Even if you do not lose those 12lbs by July 15th I can bet any money that you came very close to it!

3. Take Action

Writing your goals down and setting a date or time by when they should be achieved is nothing if you do not take action. We all get into those moods or have those days when we do not want to do anything.

Maybe your too tired from work, busy with the kids, or something unexpected happen in the day which kept you from getting closer to your goal. We get it, things happen right?

If you take action towards your goal you will create new HABITS.

These new habits will make you feel like your day is not done if you have not taken the ACTION to complete your task for the day.

You will feel guilty about going to bed knowing that you decided to skip your workout for the day because you were too tired. All I can say is to STILL TAKE ACTION!

If you find yourself too tired to workout do a small 5-10 minute HIIT workout. Even a 3-minute HITT workout will help you get closer to your goal.

Too tired to write a blog post? At least do the keyword research to get an idea of what to write about next.

Take action no matter what, even if it’s really small. You will stay on track and make things easier for yourself the next day.

4. Visualize & Be Thoughtful

Visualizing your goal is a strong practice to stay motivated. Keep a picture of your goal upon your room, desk or office. This will help keep a mental image of what you will achieve once you reach your goal.

Could be a picture of the physique you always wanted, a home you wish to own one day, a career you are pursuing or a place you would love to live at once your goal has been achieved.

Be always thoughtful of what you are going after. Constantly think about the steps you must take to get to your goal.

Remind yourself every day why you set out your goal in the first place. Could be that you wanted to lose weight, make more money, build an online business or open a gym. Whatever it is focus all your thoughts and energy into it and in time it will become a reality.

5. Break It Down

Break your goal down into small steps you will take to achieve your goal. These small step you make will help break down the process and give you something small to focus on every day.

If I have a goal to save X amount of money by X amount of time I will have to save X amount of money every week or 2 weeks to reach my saving goal. Regardless of what your goal is breaking it down into small steps makes it easier and more achievable. Just remember to set a date and time for those small goals as well.

6. Keep A Good Attitude

Attitude definition: a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior

One of the toughest but most important things to keep in mind when pursuing your goal is to keep a good attitude at all time. You will get frustrated, beat yourself down mentally, and maybe even scream at the top of your lungs if you stick with a negative attitude while trying to reach your goal.

Attitude is all about feelings, feelings equal thoughts, thoughts equal emotions and emotions equal energy (positive or negative energy).

If you keep a positive attitude about your goals, life, or just about anything you will attract positivity to you. Doing the opposite and keeping a bad attitude will not make life or your goals any easier to achieve. Just think about this for a second.

If your positive thoughts about your goals turn into positive emotions and it brings positive energy into achieving your goals or in life, in general, you will be a much happier person and positive things will manifest into your life.

Give It A Try

If you have set goals for yourself before and came up short of your desired results then give this a try. You may be surprised how writing your goals down and setting a date or time they should be achieved will help you stay on track. For BIG GOALS break them down into small step to make it more achievable.

Keep a picture or continually visualize your desired outcome when working towards your goal. Just think about how good it will feel once you finally achieve it! Those feelings will bring positive energy toward you and help you reach your desired goal.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post. Give this a try next time you set a goal to let me know how it goes! Feel free to comment below if you have any question.

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